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Hi everyone! This is Esther Kim. Thank you for visiting my website! I have lots of new and exciting things coming up this year, so check back regularly. I'll try to update as often as I can.
P.S. Feel free to write me any time!

Concert Tour


I just finished my first concert the day before yesterday. (1 down 11 more to go!) This concert was about 1 hour away from Tokyo in a very big civic auditorium. The audience was very friendly and nice and of course I had a wonderful time! Yesterday a couple friends of my family took us to Mt. Fuji. It was so beautiful (a little chilly) and I was able to find lots and lots of little cute souvenirs.

So now I am in my hotel room taking a break from practicing. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do today. Practicing all day in the room doesn’t sound much fun, so I might just go out and do a little SHOPPING!

Hope everyone is doing well!


23 Responses to “Concert Tour”

  1. Willy Yanto Wijaya Says:

    Looking forward to watching your concert this Thursday at Minatomirai ^^,

  2. vijay sani Says:

    hi esther
    how are you?

    do u have any plans to perform atleast once in India?
    i would love to watch u……

  3. Willy Yanto Wijaya Says:

    Otsukaresamadeshita.. =)

    Your performance today at Minatomirai was really amazing!!
    Even though tired, you still gave your best at the final two additional pieces.. ^^, sasuga!!!

    You’re really such a talented violinist.

    Well, good luck for your next concerts Esther… and wishing the best for your future endeavours ;)


    Willy Yanto Wijaya

  4. Hikaru from Yokohama Says:

    Hi Esther!
    Otsukaresamadeshita last night!

    That was so wonderful time for me.
    Your music is so charming like you!

    Now I’m listening your New CD that is beautiful!

    Sorry I’m not good at English.
    Thank you so much.Domo Arigato.
    See you again!

  5. masayasu ICHIKAWA Says:

    Hi I would like to congraturate your concert tour here in japan was just finished siccessfully.
    Looking forwad to having a chance to be in concert again here in Japan,
    In the meantime I will tresure your newly issued CD with your autogarogh on it which you kindly wrote at Wiener Hall in here Fuchu.
    Thanks a lot for reading this.
    Have a good rest of the time while you’re staying here in Japan.
    Best regards,

  6. Hikaru from Yokohama Says:

    Hi Esther!
    Otsukaresamadeshita and sugohashossumnida Japan tour!

    Thank you for comming to Japan and giving us beautiful music in our town.

    Please come to Japan again!
    I’m looking forward to see you again!

    Thank you so much.Domo arigato.
    Have a good time!

  7. Esteban Says:


    it has nothing to do with the concert tour, but i wanted to tell you how mucho i like the way you play.

    keep it up


  8. Bountyhanz Says:

    Hi Esther Kim,

    I’ve a question which has kept me in curiosity for a period of time.How do you overcome your stage fright??I’m currently a student(15)(Living in SIngapore) and also a violinist. I’m working on Sibelius Concerto and there’s a question for you. Is there any virtuoso violinist out there who has once started late in violin?( Like 10,11 years old?) Thx.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Esther!Whoa!You have lots of fans!
    You’re awesome!

  10. Dale Godby Says:

    Hi Esther,

    I heard you last night with Charles Webb. I loved every minute of it. I was hoping for an encore, but then what is left after your Carmen Fantasy. Thanks. You were great!

  11. Essie Says:

    hey Esther!!
    my name is Esther too!
    omg i luv how you play ur violin
    ur sooooo amazing

  12. Andrew Says:

    I must confess I did not know of you until I looked up the Devil’s Trill sonata and played your video. You made the last five minutes of that sonata sublime, I was transported to another world. I am now a converted fan. Thank you.

  13. Daniele Bowen Says:

    Can you tell me what genre of music you play most? I am doing an assignment on you at school and think you are amazing… Thanks

  14. Hikaru from Yokohama Says:

    A happy new year,Esther!
    Please come to Japan again!
    I wish you hapiness and health.
    See you again in Japan!

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    hi Esther
    I love Violins and one day I go to play like you
    I liked know how many years old are you…
    I have 15 years old and I am brasilian
    I enjoyed can to see you play the violin at America
    (I don’t speak English very much too…)
    so long

  16. Elizabeth Says:

    don’t go to the Japan!
    come to the Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!
    play for the brasilians

  17. Elizabeth Says:


  18. Hikaru from Yokohama Says:

    Pleaes come to Japan.
    Please come to Brasil,too.

    Yes,I wish you take a WORLD TOUR!!
    We want to meet you in the world!!

  19. Esther Says:

    hey Esther >.<

    Hello! My names Esther aswell:) .your awesome wonderingg… how old are you?


  20. Megan Says:

    Hi Esther i really like your music! Um im 11 and i wrote a report about you! I also play the violin. I hope i can be like you.

  21. estherkim Says:

    wow, my name is esther kim too

  22. Helena Schöner Says:

    Hi Esther!
    How are you? Your page is really good!
    I’d love to hear from you again, or meet you, when you’re in Austria again!

  23. lamyiah henderson Says:

    hi i know you dont know me but i love the way you play…i am a huge fan!! contact me on 704-499-0052

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